What I love in Elixir

Pipes No need to have ugly nested calls or chains – just pipe the data through functions. Patters on function calls You do not need to have conditions within the

AWS ECS Explained

tl;dr Logically ECS Cluster is a virtual unit which got computing resource attached to and receives tasks to schedule. Technically ECS Cluster is nothing but service running on regular EC2 instances. Some

Domain Driven Design

TLDR; Two main rules to Domain Driven Design: do not share models (and data) keep your business logic away from view and infrastructure Do not share models It is better to

Why and when you would go event driven

One needs to have events in place for two major reasons. Scale organisation Domains can only grow without being blocked only when they can have a channel to monitor each other without

How I am going to learn French with Tutor

I have decided to make an experiment and learn a new language with Tutor myself. So far I have approached Tutor as a product developer, quality specialist, teacher and never used

Learn a new language with Tutor

    It is a fact that technologies impact our life enormously. They not only influence the way we think but also the way we live and organise our Everyday.

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