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Natural Neural Networks


Business Analysis & Data

We hook BI and Analytics tools into your solutions and help discover most important KPIs to be aware of changes and react on customers move. Modern tools helps us setup data processing pipelines with Machine Learning components.

We are Client-Oriented

We deliver best solutions to accomplish your business goals. Single service prototype using ready to use solutions in the market to later customise or build own solution if needed using technologies that suit the need best. Whatever works best for your current situation.

We Have a Magic

We master the latest features and advancements in IT, allowing us to provide cutting-edge tactics for your business. Functional Programming, SOLID, Clean Code and Domain Driven Design. We constantly measure the quality.

Scalable Web Applications

We can develop distributed applications which scale easily with your market if needed. We can build solutions that cover your minimal needs having application and business scalability in mind.

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Test automation is a key for us. Pipelines include customer feedback management tools to instantly react on issues and deliver best User Experience with best frameworks in the market minimising costs and delivery time.

Leverage the cloud

We develop and maintain fully source controlled Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform based solutions. Classic Single-Server solutions which can later scaled into Multi-Server platforms. We can help to reduce costs on infrastructure and migrate your solutions.


Tutor Bot
Tutor Bot

Tutor, the language learning tool, is more than a language trainer. She considers your age, your gender, learning style, hobbies and interests, your goal, your language proficiency, time planning and … voilà. The best tailored language learning path you have ever experienced. With help of the choicest topics you stay up-to-date to the field of your interest, developing yourself and your language skills continuously. You learn interest-related vocabulary and refresh your word treasure while building a stable and firm grammar background.


Klodin gives you option to reveal your potential in fashion design, build, own and manage own glossy magazine. It gives you tools to design articles by combining products in the market the way producers do not and define trends. Engage in fashion design without technical setup hassle, matter of clicks and you have great combination of design and marketing tools under your disposal.

Our Clients


Face-to-Face online training. This is how businesses learn languages. If you would like to improve your employees’ foreign language skills effectively, Learnship is the right choice for you.

Edtech Foundry

Did you know? Most teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. And this is a problem because engagement is necessary for learning. So we are building a new solution; the most engaging learning platform in the world.

360 Stories

360Stories is a social touring platform for virtual storytelling. Traverse the planet and experience the most beautiful sights the world has to offer—all you need is your smartphone and a cardboard viewer!

Lagardere Sports

We help Lagardère Sports and Entertainment to delivery better user experience. Sports eCommerce, analytics, business intelligence.

We Build Kickrs

KICKRS.NET is a new crowdfinancing platform that wants to change the football experience on a global scale. Be part of the #FootballRevolution!

Tutorbot - Language Trainer

The most enjoyable way to learn new languages. Tutor is your home-based teacher for learning new languages. She will train you to keep up with your online and offline lessons.

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