Orchestrating Kube resources with Helm Charts

There are great tools around to manage your k8s resources and probably the most important is Helm! Read through this https://helm.sh/docs/topics/chart_template_guide/. Very helpful to clearly understand template engine, especially when will

AWS EKS vs Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

TL;DR AWS EKS is way behind what Google Cloud provides. Details We are dealing with kubernetes in the cloud already 4 years but on Google Cloud. Recently client asked to

What I love in Elixir

Pipes No need to have ugly nested calls or chains – just pipe the data through functions. Patters on function calls You do not need to have conditions within the

Domain Driven Design

TLDR; Two main rules to Domain Driven Design: do not share models (and data) keep your business logic away from view and infrastructure Do not share models It is better to