Hiring-React.js/ Node.js Developer

Hello from a dream-team! Here at Fouraitch we have already built a big family of ambitious professionals, but someone misses. It is a React.js/ Node.js Developer and here are the details about who we are looking for;

• 2+ years of experience in web application development (Node.js, React.js, Sails.js)
• Experience with modern JavaScript ecosystem, libraries and tooling
• Experience with MongoDB
• Experience with microservices running in Clouds
• Experience with automate testing and CI/CD practices
• Clear understanding of OOP and Design Patterns

  • Experience with PHP and Python is a plus
  • Experience with TDD, BDD, DDD is a plus
  • Experience with Functional Programming is a big plus
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Cloud Functions is a big plus
  • Experience with Docker, CI/CD and Automated Tests
  • Knowledge of Scrum or other similar project management methodologies
  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject.

• Develop clean, readable, automate tested software that can run in the cloud using state of the art tools and technologies
• Build backend applications with Node.js/Sails.js/Strapi.js
• Consume External Analytics and data APIs
• Build UI with React.js for web and mobile using React Native
• Watch and listen to users to improve user experience
• Brainstorm problems with teammates

If you are interested in becoming a part of a crazy team, send your CV to career@fouraitch.com with the “React.js/Node.js Developer” title on the subject line.