Why we have created a language learning chatbot

  Why do we believe that you can learn a new language with Tutor? Well, she has partially proven her viability. You wonder how? Let’s go through this question together. The

How learning should look like: our perspective

I was born in Armenia, a lovely country which through its more than 3000 – year history could not decide itself: is it west or east? In spite of inconvenience of

How I am going to learn French with Tutor

I have decided to make an experiment and learn a new language with Tutor myself. So far I have approached Tutor as a product developer, quality specialist, teacher and never used

Learn a new language with Tutor

    It is a fact that technologies impact our life enormously. They not only influence the way we think but also the way we live and organise our Everyday.

Tutor: a chatbot who teaches languages

  Tutor is coming! We are happy to announce that we are launching the Tutor, a smart chatbot who teaches languages. But let me start from the beginning… An old