How I am going to learn French with Tutor

I have decided to make an experiment and learn a new language with Tutor myself. So far I have approached Tutor as a product developer, quality specialist, teacher and never used her as a regular user. But to understand how a product functions, one should always put herself in user’s shoes.

So let’s get started! What do I need for my experiment? I should decide which language I want to learn and how Tutor should teach me this language (our communication language). As I already know English and German, I am going to learn French: the language of love. As a communication language I will choose English.

Right now Tutor teaches only English and German. But this can not stop me. I will find the most popular, funny and interesting book for beginners in French (for ex., Le Petit Nicolas. Le ballon et autres histoires inédites by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé) and ask Tutor to teach me this book. How? I will reveal a secret to you: in the near future (the next month) everyone will be able to upload a book and learn this book with Tutor. Fantastic, huh?

To cut a long story short: My experiment aims two things:

  • Get in user’s shoes and see how she learns a new language with Tutor
  • Explore the next big feature which will give users freedom to learn the book and the content of their choice

Sooo, starting from today I am going to learn French with Tutor! I promise to keep this experiment regular and post also regularly.

Follow me to see how my experiment will develop. Au revoir.



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