How learning should look like: our perspective

I was born in Armenia, a lovely country which through its more than 3000 – year history could not decide itself: is it west or east? In spite of inconvenience of such a position it has brought us the golden mix of the both. It’s been our privilege to be in the middle of East and West and pick the best from each of them to get an ultimate and maybe ideal apprehension. This also applies to education.

What do we imagine when we think of education?: a classroom with a teacher standing in front of the students and explaining the lesson. But is this the only way of teaching?

The bright “west” minds have already come to the conclusion that today’s student should bring home critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. This should not, however, exclude the other perspective of development. Asian countries, like Singapore, lead continuously. I believe, without taking 4 Cs into regard. 

Sooo, let’s look what we can get from our ‘’westy-easty’’ original mix. Caution: this is a radio edit!

21st – century students should (besides prescribed titles):

    • learn by doing (lacks in Asian-model)
    • be encouraged to pose a question (lacks in Asian-model)
    • be encouraged to make mistakes (lacks in Asian-model)
    • be encouraged to express an opinion (lacks in Asian-model)
    • accept authorities if necessary (lacks in Western-model)
    • have more discipline and self-control (lacks in Western-model)

The implementation of this system will, of course, encounter some obstacles. The authorities can complain about lack of resources: whether it is financial, human or technological. How reasonable will this sound? Not that reasonable!

Where do I see the possible wayout?: in our minds at first. The change should occur in our minds first of all. Let it not sound too boodish. But all we need is goodwill and readiness to act.


  • Anush
    May 16, 2018, 7:14 pm  Reply

    Astghik, I like the way you have elaborated and synthesized the Western and Eastern approaches. I would also add ‘grit’ which is prevailing in Asian countries and is a driving force for the students’ success.

  • May 17, 2018, 9:33 am  Reply

    I totally agree, Anush.

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