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It is a fact that technologies impact our life enormously. They not only influence the way we think but also the way we live and organise our Everyday. One of the examples of this influence are chatbots, hyped technologies of 2016. Chatbots are by (most of the time) artificial intelligence powered services with a chat interface.

But why are bots such a success? It is because chatbots are where people are. And people are at messenger apps. They enable people to leverage in their natural environment. If children hang on at Facebook messenger all day long, teacher should not ban Facebook, but create a learning environment at Facebook.Sounds like seventh heaven? But it is reality! We created a chatbot who teaches languages in Facebook messenger and Slack. It is a funny way to learn a language. You should not gnaw granite science or buckle down to acquire a new language. With our chatbot, Tutor, only 20 minutes are enough. Tutor tries to do what best teachers do. She will never replace a great teacher, but can provide help to people who cannot afford to get a personal tutor to learn a language.

Tutor is a funny, smart, intelligent and sensitive language ‘teacher’, who considers learner’s personal preferences and skills and tailors an individualised language course correspondingly. She entertains with interesting and contextual content and builds exercises based on this content. Whether you are an analytical thinker or a romantic dreamer, Tutor has a solution no matter what! She conforms to your schedule which is a bit challenging task for ‘real’ teachers, as it takes plenty of time and resources to analyse individual needs, teaching methods and adjust the course manually.

What can you learn with Tutor? The most influential languages of the 21th century: English and German! Who can learn these languages? Everybody who speaks or understands English, German, Russian and Armenian. Yes, our Tutor is polyglot! But not only polyglot.

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