Seven reasons to learn a new language with Tutor

The way people learn should align their needs and considerations. The 21th-century individual cannot afford to spend 6 hours a week on learning a language. This was the primary idea of creating the Tutor, a language learning tool.

How does Tutor differentiate from other language learning softwares and why should anyone use Tutor instead of other online and offline languages courses? Here are seven reasons to start learning new languages with Tutor.

  • Tutor is student oriented. She provides individualized trainings and addresses learner’s needs and interests by tailoring a personal learning plan.
  • Tutor is funny. She replaces online and offline language courses which can be quite boring. With an interest-related excerpts from books she entertains the learner to enjoy the learning.
  • Tutor is time – effective. Learner does not need to spend hours a day to acquire a new language. Tutor divides the training into 20-minute sessions and trains per these portions. This is the most optimal time period to keep concentration alive.
  • Tutor makes the language learning intelligent. She is powered by artificial intelligence, and obviously one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is the automotive performance of some actions which will take from a human being a much more effort and time if ever possible. Tutor schedules an individual learning plan for each learner and reminds her to start the training.
  • Tutor gives freedom to learn from the book of learner’s choice. She can pick any book she likes and upload it.
  • Tutor advances learner’s independence. With Tutor, learning  goes beyond the brick-and-mortar schools. Students are free to learn irrespective of the time and location: whenever and wherever they want
  • Learners can track their learning by themselves and see progress.

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